Syekh Wahabi, Agen Zionis Berjubah

Posted by administrator www pada Februari 22, 2008

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A Note on the Absurd Fatwa of al-Albani Regarding Palestine 

“Sheikh” Muhammed Nasir ad-Din al-Albani, considered by most “Salafis” to be the biggest scholars of their sect (after the death of their Mufti), has issued a Fatwa few years ago saying that All Muslims in Palestine, Southern Lebanon, and the Golan Heights should leave their land in mass and go somewhere else. His proof was (and he is still clinging to it) that any Muslim land occupied by non-Muslims becomes a non-Muslim land. Thus, it is prohibited for any Muslims to keep living there.  When some people asked him, in mockery, that no country in the world would admit the whole Palestinian nation, even “Saudi Arabia,” he said, “They might try to go to Sudan; it might admit them!!!”  For the record, Al-Albani is a self-declared scholar. Many have challenged him to produce a single ijaza given to him by any of his teachers (if he had any). He failed to do so up to this day. Al-Albani does not even just confine his heresies to the science of Hadith, in which his followers consider him “Muhaddith al-Asr.” He issues many fatwas in almost all the Islamic sciences. Albani has a “commentary” on the Al-Aqidah at-Tahawiyya book of doctrine!!  

The following is a translation of one of Shiekh Buti’s responses to al-Albani. Sheikh Buti is one of the top scholars in Syria:  [Taken from the book “Strife in Islam” (Al-Jihad fil Islam: Kayfa Nafhamuhu wa Kayfa Numarisuhu), by Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti, 2nd edition, Dar Al-Fikr, Damascus, Syria, 1997.]  

“Sheikh” Nasir ad-Din al-Albani shocked the people, before several months, with a bizarre fatwa, at an extreme distance from the dictates of the Islamic Shari’ah, and in the most extreme contradiction  with the principles and rules of religion.  He decided publicly, and in front of all witnesses, that the all Muslims in the Occupied Land and the remaining Palestinians in it are obligated to leave wholly from the Land and leave it to the Jews, who transformed it, after their colonization of it, to a Dar-ul-Kufr (as he alleged)!  

If it were not for the mass reporting of the news, and without the audio cassettes that mentioned this topic, in the voice of the “Sheikh,” I would have found no way to believe it!  This is because the simplest student of Islamic knowledge knows what is established in all sources of Islamic Shari’a, that the Dar-ul-Islam stays, legally, a Dar-ul-Islam until the Day of Resurrection no matter to what extent the kafir, or enemy, went to, in order to spread corruption in it. And it is an obligation on the Muslims to bear the responsibility to cleanse it from the defilement and aggression.

And regarding Abu Hanifah who opined the possibility of the return of Dar-ul-Islam into a Dur-ul-Kufr, conditioned for it that the Islamic sha’air […] be removed from it, and be replaced with the rules of Kufr, that no Muslim or thimmi [non-Muslim citizen] to remain in it secure with the original Islamic security, and that it be bordering a Dar-ul-Kufr or Dar-ul-Harb.

It is well known that non of these three conditions exists in the Occupied Land, since the sha’air of Islam are still publicly existent in it, the Muslims in it enjoy the original Islamic security, and there is no Dar-ul-Kufr or Dar-ul-Harb on the confines of this Occupied Land, today.  

But the Sheikh, who considers himself the “Muhaddith of this Age,” broke this legal Ijma’, of which he has no knowledge. Then he announced before the people that Palestine was converted, with the favour of Israel, into a Dar-ul-Kufr and Dar-ul-Harb. Therefore, it is an obligation on all of its Muslim owners and citizens to abandon it!  

And what is mysterious is that this suspected “Sheikh” (al-Shaikh al-Mashbuh), stayed silent about issuing this fatwa throughout all these long years. Not even any thing in the series of these bitter events that were inflicted upon this Land and its people reminded him of it. Until the light of the faithful Intifadha rose in the heart of this Occupied Land, and (Hamas) movement was established and a phenomenon of terror was spread out for it to the hearts and souls of the occupiers, [then] the Sheikh remembered this verdict, which he never was satisfied with except at this time. And he realized that the time came for him to publicize it with an explicit fatwa he publishes it in all media outlets. And [he finds] that the time has come, with the launching of this Intifadha and with it crossing many unexpected levels of success, for the poles of this Intifadha to be called, alongside the owners of the Land and the right (haqq), to depart from it, because it should be time for them to relieve Israel from the string of their annoyances and from the losses that had a toll on many of their resources!  

Is it time for the, truly, suspected (Mashbooh) “Sheikh” to inform us about the secret behind his keeping of this fatwa behind his chest up to this day. And about his silence towards the sin of the remaining of Muslims in (Dar-ul-Kufr) until this day?!  

And we thank Allah truly that there was not for the Sheikh nor for his null (Batila) fatwa an existence in the days in which the Syrians, Algerians, Egyptians, and Libyans were waging Jihad in their home countries, for the sake of cleansing them from the colonization and the aggression of the tyrants.  Then, it would have been an obligation on all these Muslims to depart from their countries – since they are characterized as Dar-ul-Kufr – a possession of their enemies.

And we would have looked at it today and seen it a legal obtained right of these tyrants and occupiers. And who knows? This might be what the “Sheikh” prefers and likes.  

[The above was what Dr. Buti wrote in the 1st edition and reproduces in the 2nd edition of his book. What follows is what he added in the 2nd edition. Highlighting was done by the editor of this web site.]  

And I say now, adding these lines to this [the above] commentary, in the new edition: we were waiting from this Sheikh to take back his false (batila) fatwa, considering that returning to the truth is a virtue. But he never recanted despite the rise of the whole world of Muslims against him because of it!  Also, few of the readers considered it inappropriate (kabira) that the “Sheikh” was described with the word, “Suspected” (mashbooh). But the meaning of this word is that the suspicions of indictment roam around the one who issues such a fatwa with the collaboration with a foreign group, and [look] how big their number is in this time.

So, there is no doubt that the suspicion of a charge is different from the charging itself and is different from the confirmation of treason too. Therefore there is no extremism in the word, and it is an accurate description of an exact reality.  

Note: It is becoming very clear to Muslims all over the world that Mr. Nasiruddeen al-Albaanee is clearly an agent of the CIA and a part of the Zionist New World Order.

14 Tanggapan ke “Syekh Wahabi, Agen Zionis Berjubah”

  1. irfan said

    Hehehe… dasar wahabi, ternyata betul juga mereka ini bagian dari Zionisme Internasional, lihat saja “Syaikh” mereka yang paling agung, Nashiruddin al-Albani ini, berfatwa bahwa orang-orang Palestina yang berada di tanah Palestina harus pindah seluruhnya dari sana, karena Palestina sudah dikuasai oleh kaum Kafir, sehingga bukan lagi Darul-Islam tapi sudah menjadi Darul-Kufr.

    Coba berpikir lebih jernih lah Wahabi…. Kalau memang karena sudah dikuasai oleh kafir terus kita harus pindah dari sana berarti waktu Belanda dulu jajah Indonesia kita juga harus pindah, dulu waktu Libya dikuasai Italia, orang-orang Libya harus pindah, dulu waktu Aljazair dikuasai Perancis, orang-orang Aljazair juga harus pindah, dulu waktu Mesir, Arab Saudi dan Irak dikuasai Inggris, mereka semua juga harus pindah…. Mikirrr dong buat yang mengeluarkan fatwa ini dan mereka yang taklid kepada fatwa beginian…. (Apa karena mereka tidak boleh berpikir maka jadinya TOLDUG (Tolol dan Dungu) begini???)

  2. dibyochemeng said

    Allahu akbar!!!!
    Dakwah sampai mati
    mati dalam dakwah
    Dakwah seluruh Alam

  3. Berantas Wahabi, maju tak gentar !
    Allahu akbar!!!!

  4. Rapatkan barisan !!!


  5. Trimo said

    Tolong donk di Terjemahkan kedalam Bahasa Indonesia supaya kami2 ini yang tidak Paham bahasa Inggris bisa ngerti dan Paham

    membaca Komentarnya Bung Irfan yang paling atas jd Makin Penasaran aja apa benar tuuuhh Gembong Wahaby Al AlBani bikin fatwa supaya Rakyat Palestina Pindah alias menyerah sama Zionis wahh–wahh kalau benar seperti itu berarti tidak salah lagi kalau Wahaby ada main Mata sama Zionis

  6. jaka said

    wahtiap pekan kajian akhlak dan ibdah yg bener jgn urus politikk…
    tp kok ftwanya ngeri bnaget kok g belaumat isalm???

  7. Ardi said

    Iya nih… saya bisanya bahasa indonesia..
    tolong dong di terjemahkan ke dalam bahsa indonesia…


  8. heru said

    gak ngerti… bahasa inggris saya tegangan rendah nih

  9. zeber said


  10. S Mashabi said

    Intinya bagi yg kurang faham bahasa Inggris..itu Syech wahabi belajar agamanya sm rahib Yahudi..makanya jadi keblinger gitu..Islam ini agama Fitrah & secara otomatis bagi yg serius mendalaminya melalui jalur yg diperintahkan sm Allah & Rasul Nya, dia tdkm akn bersikap sepeti Syech bahlul ini..kalau kita org Islam di akhirat nani minta pahala dari Allah, kayanya si Syech ini mau mintanya sm Zionis2 laknat itu

  11. Saya yakin ustadz2 n ulama2 wahabi bakal melarang ank2 mudanya yg tukang taklid fatwa mereka agar tdk membuka blog ini atw sejenisnya, biar ank2 muda wahabinya yg masih polos soal agama tdk melihat fakta2 sekte mereka dr sejarah n di lapangan n juga kedok syekh2 mereka …. seperti halnya tdk sukanya merka mmbuka fakta sejarah antara para sahabat nabi…mau cuci tangan nih yee….doktrin itu biasa bagi mereka !!

  12. Abi seumot said

    ooo rpanya wahabi musuh dalam kelambu juga ne yeee…

  13. Subhanallah! Penulis Yahudi Terkemuka Masuk Islam…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  14. wahabi tobat said

    maaf,dulu ana wahabi kafir,namun alhamdllah udah tobat,memang wahabi tukang adudomba antara kaum SUNNI dan SYI’AH,yg diuntungkan adalah Wahabi/salafi bin Yahudi Zionis. Wahabi mengaku Sunni sehingga banyak kaum SUNNI terjebak dan ikut membela Wahabi yg sesungguhnya kaum SUNNI juga anti Wahabi/salafi. Berita WAHABI penuh fitnah dan serampangan. Baik itu terhadap SUNNI maupun Syi’ah. Ana tobat setelah semua yg dituduhkan terhadap SUNNI dan SYIAH ana pelajari langsung dari sumbernya. Di Indonesia mereka ngaku SUNNI krn mayoritasnya adalah SUNNI dan memfitnah SYI’AH karena minoritas. Waspadalah…

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